SensorML PrettyView Uploader
SensorML PrettyView Uploader

The SensorML PrettyView Uploader provides the user with the following options:
1) Use the file upload portion to generate a table view of an already existing SensorML description located on your computer.
2) Use the url upload portion to generate a table view of a SensorML description that is not located on your computer but rather on a site external to your system.
Select a file to upload :
Enter url of the Sensor Description:

This ADCP Example provides an idea of what the Table form should look. If the table form does not look similar to the image then consider using the validation tool to ensure the XML file is valid. NOTE: PrettyView does at present expect that the document starts with [SensorML] element with the first member (e.g. System, Component, ProcessModel, or ProcessChain) being the element of interest.

Created by: Amanda Wyatt & Mike Botts
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