SensorML 2.0 Examples

Aggregate Process (configured)

An aggregate process consists of multiple process components and implicitly defined linkage (i.e. data flow) between these components. This example shows defines an AggregateProcess which performs a scaling and clipping of data values and consists of two components: a LinearInterpolator process referred to as "scale" in this example, and a Threshold process referred to as "clip".

The diagram below illustrates the aggregate process along with its components and connections. In this diagram, inputs are shown on the left of the element, outputs on the right, and parameters at the top. While parameters can be variable with values provided through links (like inputs), the parameters in this example are static with set values shown in the diagram.

The SensorML example on this page shows an example where the components are defined externaly and configured (i.e. parameter values set) inline (a previous example illustrated fully defining the components inline). The diagram helps in understanding the connection Links that are explicitly defined in the SensorML description.

Aggregate Process Diagram