SensorML 2.0 Examples

Disparate Sensor Network

In a disparate sensor network, the output from participating sensors may include different components or a different structure. This can be supported using the concepts of the multiplexed stream demonstrated in a previous example. In effect, the different DataRecords would be defined as items within a DataChoice element. The item name would thus be included at the beginning of each message in order to distinguish between the different record (or message) types.

In the example below, there are two record types being reported: one reports multiple atmospheric properties and the other only temperature. An example of the resulting data stream is given following the SensorML example.


The encoding of this data stream is specified in the SensorML description as TextEncoding with a comma separating tokens (or fields) and a space separating blocks (or records). A stream of networked sensor measurements returned by the URL might look like:

ALL,2009-05-23T19:36:15Z,urn:meteofrance:stations:76455,25.5,100.3,7.31,270.8 ALL,2009-05-23T19:36:15Z,urn:meteofrance:stations:55577,25.4,100.5,7.54,271.4 ALL,2009-05-23T19:38:15Z,urn:meteofrance:stations:85643,25.0,100.1,7.44,260.2 ALL,2009-05-23T19:40:15Z,urn:meteofrance:stations:76455,24.5,100.0,7.40,270.3 TEMP,2009-05-23T19:40:15Z,urn:meteofrance:stations:92675,25.1 TEMP,2009-05-23T19:42:15Z,urn:meteofrance:stations:22298,26.5 ALL,2009-05-23T19:42:15Z,urn:meteofrance:stations:55577,25.0,100.3,7.00,270.8 ALL,2009-05-23T19:43:15Z,urn:meteofrance:stations:76455,25.4,100.5,7.44,275.3 TEMP,2009-05-23T19:46:15Z,urn:meteofrance:stations:92675,25.0