SensorML 2.0 Examples

Simple Extension of a Process

Perhaps the simplest example of the use of inheritance in SensorML is the simple extension of the LinearInterpolator process defined earlier. The LinearInterpolator is a general process that uses the linear equation y=mx + b to calculate y (output) from x (input). In our example instance below, we reference the base LinearEquation process using the typeOf element [highlighted]. Then, using the setParameter elements [also highlighted], we set the values for the two parameters, m (slope) and b (y intercept). We now have an instance of the LinearInterpolator process with specific values for slope and y-intercept.

An important note regarding the typeOf element: when referencing the base process, one must provide both the resolvable URL of the description of the base process within the xlink:href attribute, and the uniqueID (as defined by gml:identifier) in the xlink:title attribute.


For reference, the base class LinearInterpolator is shown below.