SensorML 2.0 Examples

My High-Definition Video Camera Sensor Model

In the previous example we provided the definition of the generic CSM Frame Camera model in SensorML. In this set of examples, we provide two options for how one might describe the model parameters for their specific frame camera (in this case, the Penn state KCM-HD video camera). The options are to (1) reference the generic Frame Camera process and set the parameter values of your camera using the settings property, or (2) use the generic description as a template and provide the parameter values inline.

Option 1: In this example we reference the base CSM Frame Camera process description and set the parameter values for my specific camera using the settings properties. This option provides the most compact description of your particular camera, but requires that your software support SensorML configuration.


Option 2: In this example, we use the base (i.e. generic) definition of the CSM Frame Camera model as a template and add the parameter values inline. This is the most verbose option but does not require your software to handle SensorML configuration.