SensorML 2.0 Examples

Homogeneous Sensor Network

In addition to support streaming from a single sensor or process, SensorML can support streaming from a network of sensors. In the example below, all of the sensors output the same record type (or message type). The values from the network can thus be described with a single DataRecord.

It is recommeded for such network that one include the time (if possible), the station ID, and the station location, along with the measurements themselves. The network is modelled as a PhysicalSystem where each participating sensor could be referenced as a component of the system.


The encoding of this data stream is specified in the SensorML description as TextEncoding with a comma separating tokens (or fields) and a space separating blocks (or records). A stream of networked sensor measurements returned by the URL might look like:

2009-05-23T19:36:15Z,urn:myNet:stations:76455,35.4,135.6,5.0,25.4,100.3,7.31,270.8 2009-05-23T19:36:15Z,urn:myNet:stations:55577,34.1,138.9,4.1,25.5,100.5,7.54,271.4 2009-05-23T19:38:15Z,urn:myNet:stations:85643,43.9,141.0,3.8,25.7,100.1,7.44,260.2 2009-05-23T19:40:15Z,urn:myNet:stations:76455,35.4,135.6,5.0,24.9,100.0,7.40,270.3 2009-05-23T19:40:15Z,urn:myNet:stations:92675,43.1,131.0,6.7,25.2,100.6,7.54,269.8 2009-05-23T19:42:15Z,urn:myNet:stations:22298,46.7,140.0,1.2,26.5,100.6,7.30,271.9 2009-05-23T19:42:15Z,urn:myNet:stations:55577,34.1,138.9,4.1,25.4,100.3,7.00,270.8 2009-05-23T19:43:15Z,urn:myNet:stations:76455,35.4,135.6,5.0,25.0,100.5,7.44,275.3 2009-05-23T19:46:15Z,urn:myNet:stations:92675,43.1,131.0,6.7,25.5,100.2,7.54,271.0 ...