SensorML 2.0 Examples

Simple Streaming - RTP

The previous example showed an example of a sensor that outputted a simple stream of time and temperature. The measurement values were accessed by an html link (expressed in the xlink:href attribute of swe:values) which provided the last measurement value. It is possible, however, to support continuous streaming of real-time with html as well.

The example below, however, provides a link to a stream provider that uses Real-Time Protocol (RTP). There are various other protocols that could be supported by a SensorML description. In anything but the simplest cases, these interface protocols should be described in the sml:interfaceProperties element of the sml:DataInterface object.


The encoding of this data stream is specified in the SensorML description as TextEncoding with a comma separating tokens (or fields) and a space separating blocks (or records). A stream of measurement returned by the URL might look like:

   7248,26.3 7248,26.4 7250,26.6 7251,28.3 ...