SensorML 2.0 Examples

Streaming Navigation Data

A very common need for sensors onboard dynamic platforms (e.g. airplanes, cars/trucks, ships, people, etc) is to stream their location in real time. The example below shows the SensorML description of a common output for a platform carrying remote sensors (e.g. cameras) in which the output is time (in seconds past 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z), location (latitude, longitude, altitude), and attitude (true heading, pitch, and roll).

An example of the data stream is provided after the SensorML description.


The encoding of this data stream is specified in the SensorML description as TextEncoding with a comma separating tokens (or fields) and a space separating blocks (or records). A stream of sensor measurements returned by the URL might look like:

1257691405,41.55,13.61,325,90.5,1.2,1.1 1257691410,41.55,13.62,335,90.4,1.3,0.5 1257691415,41.55,13.63,345,90.5,1.3,0.1 1257691420,41.55,13.64,355,90.4,1.2,-1.1 1257691425,41.55,13.65,365,90.5,1.2,-0.5 ...