SensorML 2.0

"Hello Sensor World!"

Friendly sensor

Friendly and informative sensor

Friendly process (linear equation)

Sensor instance (simple extension)


Lots of Metadata

Attributes: gml:ID, xml:lang, and definition

Name, description, keywords, and unique-ID

Identifiers and Classifiers

Characteristics and Capabilities


Feature of interest (FoI)



Sensor history

Physical Components

Detector (digital)

Detector (analog)

Actuator (digital)

Filter (analog)


Physical Systems

Weather station

Web cam

Computational Processes

Simple process (Wind Chill Factor)

Simple Process (Orbit Propagator)

Aggregate process (components described inline)

Aggregate process (configured components)

Location and Position

Sensor with location by description (byDescription)

Sensor with GML point location (byPoint)

Sensor with static location (byLocation)

Sensor with orientation (byState)

Sensor with dynamic position (byTrajectory)

Sensor with location output (byTrajectory)

Sensor with orbit propagator (byProcess)

Sensor with SOS for location (byProcess)

Inheritance and Configuration

Simple extension of process

Constraining on a process

Simple extension of sensor

Supporting modes

Supporting configuration

Complex configuration

Web-based Processes

Web-based Process Client

SOS Client Process

SOS Client (Configured Instance)

SPS Client Process

Using Extensions

Security tagging

Using MathML

Data Interface / Streaming Data

Simple streaming (return latest value)

Simple streaming (returns RTP stream)

Simple multiplexed streaming

Homogeneous sensor network (identical sensor output)

Disparate sensor network

Complex multiplexed sensor (CBRN)

Streaming navigation data

Inernet of Things / Web of Things

Simple Sensor

Sensor System

Sensor System (multiple output streams)

Data Interface Types


Real-Time Protocol (RTP)

http protocol

Output Encodings

ASCII encoding

Binary encoding

Various Output Types

Time Series




Multiplex Messages

Precise Geolocation

Community Sensor Model (CSM) Frame Camera

My High-Definition Camera

CSM Frame Camera with Platform

Static Web Camera

Dynamic Video Camera


Outputting Parameter Values (sensor settings)

Outputting Sensor Position